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Welcome to Better Blossom Irrigation

Welcome to Better Blossom Irrigation,  Metro Detroit’s premier underground sprinkler contractors for a lifetime. We have over 30 years experience in building, maintaining and repairing underground sprinkler systems. We service both residential and commercial customers with a variety of water sources, be it lake, pond, well or city supplied.

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Residential Repairs

Schedule an estimate today for all your residential sprinkler repairs. Whether you need common repairs such as sprinkler pipe repair, sprinkler valve repair, sprinkler head repair, irrigation maintenance or any other sprinkler repair we will restore your  irrigation system on budget.

Commercial Sprinkler Repair

We specialize in commercial irrigation repairs. Metro Detroit companies trust our experience troubleshooting sprinkler systems. We know how important a beautiful lawn is to you and your reputation. You search sprinkler repair near me and expect quick and quality sprinkler system repair.


Winterize Sprinkler System

When the warm temps fall sprinkler winterization is vital to protect your sprinkler system. Due to unpredictable Michigan weather scheduling your sprinkler blowouts early is highly recommended. We prioritize blow out sprinkler system work. Sign up for winterization today! 

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Residential Sprinkler System

When hiring sprinkler system design and irrigation system installation for your home you only want to get it done once. You need a trained professional you can count on to provide affordable and quality underground sprinklers. Contact us now for a free, no obligation quote.

Commercial Sprinkler System

Get a Commercial Irrigation System from one of the most experienced local irrigation companies in Detroit. Our fully licenced and insured lawn sprinkler contractors will provide you options for your budget and our professional installation will give you peace of mind for decades.

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Sprinkler Start-up

Before spring arrives, schedule sprinkler start up service for your home or business. Sprinkler startup service near me will be trending and be in high demand before you know it! Allow us to inspect and tune up your sprinkler system in advance and enjoy a luscious lawn all summer long.

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