Residential Irrigation Installation

Curb your water bills and refresh your curb appeal with Better Blossom Irrigation! Our mission is to ensure that every home irrigation system runs economically and without a hitch.

Whether you need planning, a full-blown irrigation system installation or just expert advice, we’ve got you! And since everybody loves lush, green lawns with beautiful landscapes, customer satisfaction is of our top concern. 

Having worked with landscape architects, project managers, and contractors for more than three decades now, our residential irrigation installation service provides a bevy of amenities. These include: 

  • Determining the most economical or desirable water source
  • Using irrigation materials made by leading brands in the industry
  • Advanced installation techniques
  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Guiding homeowners through the legal construction process


We are with you every step of the way.

Seasoned Underground Sprinkler System Designers

Home sprinkler system installation service is what put us on the map. Should you choose to hire our team, you will get two things: a company of certified irrigation designers as well as certified irrigation contractors. 

Our expert team employs trailblazing methods that meet irrigation industry standards to avoid (or at the very least minimize) jeopardizing your lawn’s beauty. Contact us today!

Better Blossom’s certified irrigation designers and contractors have high levels of experience and training, which includes:

  • Specialization in various areas of irrigation installation
  • Adherence to a code of ethics

Our designers and contractors are certified to prepare professional irrigation designs and professional installations. Our team will be responsible for:

  • Evaluating your site’s condition and deciding on net irrigation requirements
  • Establishing specifications and creating custom-tailored project designs
  • Constructing an irrigation system that saves your home’s water supply
Seasoned Underground Sprinkler System Design
Lawn Irrigation System Installation

Lawn Irrigation System Installation

This service includes all sprinkler nozzle types: pop-up, misters, rotor, drip or fixed. 

Our team is trained to pay extra attention to residential irrigation system installation, ensuring your lawn stays functional long after the job is finished. Give us a call so we can whip up an optimal custom design and ensure a steady flow rate for years to come. 

Installing a sprinkler system is meticulous work, one which includes:

  • Grooming and cleaning up trenches, holes, etc.
  • Valve box and sprinkler head installation
  • Strategically positioning underground sprinkler system heads
  • Installing controllers and above ground piping while ensuring the water supply hook up is sound

Besides the effort we put into making sprinkler installation, we also pay close attention to unseen details, making sure that we:

  • Use top quality pipes and fittings
  • Safeguard the electrical components using custom waterproof wire connections
  • Filling undesired trenches to avoid damaging the pipes

Better Blossom Irrigation Advantages

Our sprinkler system installation isn’t complete until you know how to use your new system. We will show you how to:

  • Use your new landscape irrigation controller
  • Make minor sprinkler head adjustments
  • Properly water your lawn for optimal plant health

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We’d be happy to answer them. Take advantage of our comprehensive sprinkler system repair services by scheduling seasonal irrigation system checkup.

That is not all. Besides working with irrigation systems (think installing electrical components, zone valves, spray heads, etc) our service also includes clearing debris and filling holes. Whatever the risks which might affect or damage your irrigation system design and installation, we can eliminate them. We’re just a phone call away!

Don’t see what you
need fixed?

It’s all good! Better Blossom Irrigation has over 30 years of experience and we can identify the sprinkler system parts causing your sprinkler system failure. Whether it’s lack of water pressure, lawn sprinkler pump, sprinkler valve manifold repair, electrical related such as wireless connectivity, sprinkler rain sensor, your sprinkler timer controller or anything else contact us today for free consultation and quick service.

Want to upgrade or expand your system?

Better Blossom can take any residential or commercial underground sprinkler system to the next level! Whether you want to redesign a layout for a new landscape, add new zones, incorporate drip irrigation or convert your controller to smart technology, you want a fair quote and professional installation. Contact us today regarding your new irrigation project!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth installing a sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system is definitely worth your investment. Not only does it save you time and money on water bills, but it also keeps your lawn green for the summer season, and it will help you to avoid overwatering or underwatering your lawn. Let’s elaborate on time and money. Money – because it is programmable and Time – you don’t have the hassle of wrapping a water hose. 3rd it indirectly increases your home’s market value – curb appeal. You can build upon the green lawn statement.

How often should you run your sprinkler system?

In order to make sure that your lawn is getting enough water, you should be setting the sprinklers to go on for about 30 – 35 minutes at a time twice per week. Maintaining 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches of rainfall each week should be your goal.