Commercial Sprinkler System Installation

Looking to spruce up that office curb appeal? Want to improve the health of your business’ lawn and leave a lasting impression on your clients? Need to implement water conservation practices in the working environment? Well you have landed at the right website!

We can collaborate with you to bring environmentally efficient solutions to the table and install brand new commercial irrigation systems.

Our team of seasoned professionals can provide top of the line commercial irrigation and sprinkler installation to any business in the Southeast Michigan area. Whether you require basic system layouts or larger, more complex installations – we’ve got the chops to get the job done! 

Commercial Irrigation Repair

The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Irrigation Systems

As the name suggests, a residential irrigation system is designed for smaller properties, particularly for single-family units. In contrast, commercial irrigation systems are designed for expansive properties, which need water to be delivered across a wider area.

The term ‘commercial sprinkler irrigation system’ may seem a bit confusing, since this type of system can be used in various settings. This doesn’t just include stores or office buildings, but apartment complexes, educational facilities, and recreational areas as well.

Another difference is the components themselves. Unlike residential systems, commercial systems are typically built to handle significantly higher water flow. This necessitates larger pipes, heavier duty sprinkler heads, and concrete supports for added stability, to name a few.

Why Use Commercial Irrigation Systems?

sprinkler leaks

Great Yards Have Great Irrigation Systems

Protecting your plants and trees from inefficient watering and drought is understandably the main reason why businesses resort to installing these systems. However, making sure excess water doesn’t get away from your lawn is as important as getting enough water to your lawn. Put another way: too much water can be equally detrimental, if not worse, for the lawn.

Energy And Water Conservation

A commercial irrigation system can ensure your yard is evenly watered at optimal times. The best times for watering are typically early in the morning or shortly before nightfall. But it has to be said, a lot depends on the types of plants in the lawn as well. 

Prior to installing an irrigation system, our landscapers will take these factors into account during the designing process, including the regional climate and the lay of the land. This is vital for achieving maximum efficiency, saving you from constantly tweaking the output of your system.

Wasted Water

Irrigation Systems Are Efficient And Save Money

While the design and installation process may be expensive on paper, it shouldn’t require much maintenance once it’s properly installed. After all, commercial irrigation systems are known to last quite a long time.

The only real cost after installation is the water bill, but then again, we will ensure that the water is used more efficiently. Our goal is to provide you with a great long-term investment for your office green space, saving you lots of money further down the line.

Don’t see what you
need fixed?

It’s all good! Better Blossom Irrigation has over 30 years of experience and we can identify the sprinkler system parts causing your sprinkler system failure. Whether it’s lack of water pressure, lawn sprinkler pump, sprinkler valve manifold repair, electrical related such as wireless connectivity, sprinkler rain sensor, your sprinkler timer controller or anything else contact us today for free consultation and quick service.

Want to upgrade or expand your system?

Better Blossom can take any residential or commercial underground sprinkler system to the next level! Whether you want to redesign a layout for a new landscape, add new zones, incorporate drip irrigation or convert your controller to smart technology, you want a fair quote and professional installation. Contact us today regarding your new irrigation project!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sprinkler heads can I put in one zone?

The output of water from sprinkler heads is controlled by a pressure rating. For example, at 35 pounds per square inch (PSI) a sprinkler head could use 3.11 gallons per minute (GPM). If your building’s water capacity was 10 GPM, you could place 3 heads in one zone. To assess the amount of sprinkler heads for each zone in your commercial property, screw a pressure gauge onto a faucet and record your PSI. Pressure between 35-60 PSI is ideal. Next calculate your water capacity or flow rate by dividing how many seconds it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucket by 5. Next take that product and multiply it by 60. Here’s an example: (Gal 5 / 30 seconds = 0.16 , 0.16 x 60 =10 gallons per minute).

Can I pour concrete over sprinkler lines?

Pouring concrete over a sprinkler line can be done but a trench will need to be dug for the pipes and any lines that are no longer in use should be sealed to protect the foundation of the concrete. It is wise to consider the pros and cons of rerouting sprinkler lines versus pouring concrete over your sprinkler lines.

Should I run sprinklers every day?

No need to worry about watering your lawn every day! Your lawn only needs an inch or two of water each week, either from rainfall or irrigation. Give the grass its weekly dosage by wetting down around 6-8 inches deep into soil for optimal results.